With all the chaos swirling around us at the moment, I want to do my bit to brighten up someone’s day. Someone who needs a little pick me up and who could really use some wild inspiration over the next few months…

I’m giving away 10 signed copies of 365 Days Wild!

You can nominate someone else, yourself or your family – anyone who you think deserves to get a copy. You just need to comment on my post on either Instagram or Twitter with their name (and then please share the post if you can). I would love for my books to find a good home, so I’m especially looking for:

  • Families with children or young people who suffer from things like Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, ADHD and so on, and who will be impacted by a disruption to routine and potential isolation
  • Anyone who suffers from isolation or loneliness
  • Anyone who suffers from anxiety (and who must be really struggling right now!)
  • Anyone on a low income, but especially families who may struggle without regular work

It is my belief that these people are incredibly vulnerable right now. Uncertainty is a scary thing. I hope that my book, and the 365 Random Acts of Wildness it suggests, can give you some activities, ideas, opportunities and hope over the next few months.

The competition is open until midnight on Sunday 22nd March. I’m sure that there will be too many amazing entries to choose from, so I’ll pop all the names in a hat and select them at random.

I’m afraid I can only afford to post books within the UK. I’ll aim to get them out early next week. In the interests of safety, I will of course follow all hygiene advice before packing and posting, but please do give the covers a gentle wipe down with disinfectant and wash your hands after handling post.

Hopefully most people will still have access to a greenspace of some description – a garden, a balcony, a local park, a quiet local nature reserve. Please follow all Government advice when using any communal areas and stay safe, but time in nature could be incredibly important to you over the next few months. Breathe in the fresh air, notice the beauty in nature, feel the textures all around you, immerse yourself in the sounds. As our cities and towns become quieter, nature will get louder – we all need that.

I’ll also be sharing a different Random Act of Wildness from the book every day on my Instagram stories, in case you’re stuck at home and would like a way to connect with nature.


Lucy x

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