I am a wildlife storyteller. I believe in bringing wildlife close to people’s hearts through telling inspiring and positive stories about nature.

Storytelling comes in all shapes and sizes. From an Instagram story that lives for just a day, capturing a special moment for the teller, to writing an 85,000 word book, stories are all around us and empower us to take action for the things we care about. For me, this is about inspiring people to help nature to recover. Nature is faced with constant threats – from climate change to agriculture, plastics to development – and I believe that it will take a full-scale mindset shift to move to a society with wildlife at it’s heart. The exciting thing is, I believe that this can and must happen. And it starts with stories. Only by sharing our own experiences and adventures can we encourage others to do the same.

What kind of stories do I tell?

Storytelling is fundamentally about good communications through lots of different channels, with clear, consistent messaging. If you’re struggling to know where to start, or would like some help in making your stories more impactful, I’d love to help you – just get in contact. I have seven years’ experience in storytelling through a number of platforms, including:

  • Delivering high impact campaigns
  • Books, editorial and proof-reading
  • Magazines and journalism
  • Website content creation, including copywriting
  • Research and discovery
  • Social media platforms
  • Communications planning and strategy
  • Working with influencers
  • Talks, presentations, chairing, panels and lectures
  • Youth engagement
  • Events management
  • Media interviews
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Bringing your stories to life

I believe that telling powerful stories starts with a clear, consistent strategy. Figuring out this first step can be the trickiest bit: what do you want your stories to achieve? Maybe you want to raise funds for a cause? Or gain more supporters and followers? Maybe you want to highlight a key issue? I can help you work out your goals and targets. Next we want to know who you’re talking to and how: what journey will you take them on with your stories? I can help you look at the kinds of stories you want to tell, how you can tell them and what channels you can use. Together we can look at the good principles of storytelling and how you can measure your impact.

Whether you need help with your strategy, a bit of fine tuning here and there, guidance on finding your strongest platforms or some help with writing your content, just get in contact. I am always looking for new publications and partners to work with so would love to hear from you.